Welcome to “Art Is Culture!”. This is my personal blog where I publish a mix of articles, guides, photos and reviews. I’m a photographer artist based in Halifax Nova Scotia. My passion is to capture life, feelings and time with my camera. I find photography helps me discover places, people, things, and ultimately connect with our world. My goal is to support my passion for photography through selling my work and services. To be able to keep it up with technology, continue a lifelong education and afford travel to interesting locations.


Get dramatic skies without HDR

I used HDR a lot in the past and loved it. But as time passed…


Talk to me

This shot was picked as one of the top three by Photigy studio challenge for…


Nature is a stand-up comediant

A macro shot of a small flower. I used my 24-70 mm with extension tubes.…


Green Lips

A close-up shot of a leaf in my backyard. Used my Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8L…


So, you want to shoot portraits? Canon lens recommendation

Some weeks ago a friend asked me to recommend a good lens to take portraits.…


Wizards of light

Introduction There’s no question that light plays “The” main role in photography. Without light there…


Photo collection: little treasures

I have to confess I’m a self controlled sentimental hoarder. In other words, I like to…