Welcome to “Art Is Culture!”. This is my personal blog where I publish a mix of articles, guides, photos and reviews. I’m a photographer artist based in Halifax Nova Scotia. My passion is to capture life, feelings and time with my camera. I find photography helps me discover places, people, things, and ultimately connect with our world. My goal is to support my passion for photography through selling my work and services. To be able to keep it up with technology, continue a lifelong education and afford travel to interesting locations.


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Small street in Montmartre, Paris. As I pass by the entrance of this small, narrow,…


Saunders Park, Halifax

Sometimes I take a long time until I come to execute a project. And this…


Paris in B&W, Encore I

Canon EOS 6D Shooting Mode: Manual Exposure Shutter Speed: 1/500 Aperture: 8.0 Metering Mode: Partial…


The science behind ETTR (expose to the right)

During my recent article about noise in digital photography I briefly mentioned the technique known…


How to deal with noise part I: Where does noise come from?

This article is aimed to help understand where does noise come from in digital photography…


Pompidou Panorama

Panorama made out of four shots of Paris Pompidou building. Montage done in Photoshop CC;…


Black sky i Göteborg

I took this photo back in fall 2010. It’s a shot of a bridge in…



This is another discovery while browsing my back catalog. I remember shooting this photo  and…