Welcome to “Art Is Culture!”. This is my personal blog where I publish a mix of articles, guides, photos and reviews. I’m a photographer artist based in Halifax Nova Scotia. My passion is to capture life, feelings and time with my camera. I find photography helps me discover places, people, things, and ultimately connect with our world. My goal is to support my passion for photography through selling my work and services. To be able to keep it up with technology, continue a lifelong education and afford travel to interesting locations.


Editing process I

I started photography doing a lot of editing in Photoshop and HDR with questionably results.…


Doodling on small pieces of paper

I do not consider my self good at drawing or painting, not at all. But…


Jazz shadow

I got this one in a local pub; it was dark as all pubs are…


Cruise’s reflection

Halifax, Nova Scotia, being the main port in Atlantic Canada we receive many cruise ships…


Light painting

Introduction Not long ago I participated on a photo-challenge where we had to create a…


Summer blues

I love sunsets and when this one happened I thought I missed the best light.…


DIY guide for home studio photography

This article is about overcoming all sort of limitations, money being the first one, to…