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12 Resources that will help your photography skills

lapicesI’m a strong believer that the vast majority of people develop their artistic trade by a long process of learning, practicing and experimenting. This will lead each of us to discover our own “voice” and produce unique pieces of art. Of course there are a few born with that spark of genius spontaneity but here I’m writing to the other 99% 🙂

What is what I wanted to share?.. oh yes! Reading. You know, with all the bashing about how much time we dedicate to our screens, specially the tablet and smartphone, there are lots of great benefits. Since a few months ago I started using a couple of magazine and news aggregators in my phone. I selected as much photography content as available and each night I spend some time reading articles. This practice led me to discover a series of really good articles I want to share with you.

Disclaimer: none of these articles are mine, I’m sharing links to you as I consider each one of them helped me learn something new and valuable for my photography. All content is publicly available and own by each publisher.

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That’s all for today, I hope you enjoy these articles. If you did consider sending me a message, thanks!