IMG_7906 Photographer Pierre Guynot de Boismenu was born as Pedro in Uruguay in 1966. Shortly after he was registered as Pierre by the French consulate. He spent the majority of his professional life travelling and living in different countries and continents. This constant movement brought him to Canada in 2004. He initially settled in Montreal, relocating to Halifax in September, 2013, where he continues to explore the world through a lens.

“An art piece is the result of a person’s idea or vision transferred into some sort of media. An artist is a person that has the desire to express those ideas to the world. There are many vehicles to make this possible, music instruments, brushes and paint, pen and paper, etc. But what all of them have in common is that they allow the artist to transfer that idea/vision into the world. What I couldn’t do with guitar and bass I could with drums and photography. This is an emotional sometimes illogical process but when found, and worked on, it will produce great satisfaction.”

He’s been recently interviewed by Arts East publication, you can read the interview here.


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