My HDR Resources

If you’ve been following me in G+ you must know that I’ve been guilty of using HDR once or twice 😉

My big leap on HDR photography was only possible after going through some of the best resources you can get on the web. This is by no mean a complete list of HDR resources but it is what I found and helped me starting experimenting with HDR. And what I keep coming back to improve.

HDR Cook book by farbspiel

Maybe the second site I landed on but the one that taught me the most.

Stuck In Customs by Tray Ratcliff

I’m quite sure this was the first place I got into when searching for HDR tutorials. Besides learning HDR it pointed me to some neat tools like Topaz Adjust.

Akel Studio by Alex Koloskov’s and his Realistic HDR Book

One of the first discoveries when I started in G+ Great photographer and always sharing tutorials.

Jay Patel and Varina Patel

Excellent landscape photographers. Their HDR technique is unique as they use manual blending. They offer many free and pay video tutorials.

JHP Video Tutorials by Jason Hermann

Source of many video tutorials. Great site.

HDR Soft, makers of Photomatix Pro

Of course, the site of the software making HDR possible. It has a good list of resources to check.

Controversy around HDR

HDR has also raised some controversy and we have colleagues and viewers that clearly make their statement against it. I respect all point of views and understand why this happens. Unfortunately very few are smartly written and well presented. Here are two very well put articles representing both sides taken from DPS web site:

– Arguing agains HDR by Peter West Carey, “Knowing my limits – Why I don’t do HDR

– And the other side point of view by James Brandon, Why I DO HDR – A Fresh Take on a Tired Debate.

Life is fun!