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My Sweet Heart

This past weekend I participated in a Photo Quest with Dina Belenko at The theme was food photography and we used Dinka’s style as inspiration. Here’s what I came with after the 4 days:   And if you are curious about the process,here’re three photos showing how the original idea made it to the final version: Read more →

Summer’s almost gone

This photo was taken by Lucia Guynot de Boismenu, my daughter. She “borrowed” my camera and started taking pictures from our living room. When I saw the photo I immediately liked the mood of the afternoon light and the view of the chair on the front deck. It spelled “summer!”. I did the post processing in Photoshop using DxO film… Read more →

Waiting for the hammer to fall

Sometimes a fine photo comes from a moment of inspiration and using what you have around. I took this one on my basement workshop while playing with my camera. I put my best macro lens, a mere close up, and picked up a tool with some character. Placed a black cardboard as background and use the available light diffusing it… Read more →

Winter Is coming

Technically it was still summer but I couldn’t resist seeing this dry leaf on top of the garden table as a sign of what is coming. And I also do love water drops, or small poodles 🙂 The pattern you see is printed in the back of the glass. I used my 24-70 on a tripod while I was holding… Read more →

Follow the arrow

Small street in Montmartre, Paris. As I pass by the entrance of this small, narrow, street I had a glimpse of the light and saw the person. Raised my camera and took the shot. Post processed in Photoshop CC using Nik’s Silver FX Pro 2 for B&W conversion. Read more →

Saunders Park, Halifax

Sometimes I take a long time until I come to execute a project. And this is one of those times. I’ve been planning to shoot this monument since the first time I saw it, probably around 2013. I pictured what I wanted from the start, low wide angle view of this flying arrow. In long exposure. It’s strange how sometimes… Read more →

Paris in B&W, Encore I

Canon EOS 6D Shooting Mode: Manual Exposure Shutter Speed: 1/500 Aperture: 8.0 Metering Mode: Partial Metering ISO Speed: 100 Lens EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM Focal Length 24.0mm Post processed with Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop and Google’s Nik’s Silver FX Pro 2. Read more →

Black sky i Göteborg

I took this photo back in fall 2010. It’s a shot of a bridge in Gothenburg, Sweden. I shot it in colour and did nothing with it until 2016. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago while browsing old catalog I re-discovered it and somehow had this realization that this could be a good black and white photo. I… Read more →


This is another discovery while browsing my back catalog. I remember shooting this photo  and then forgetting about it for years. In another moment of inspiration I launched myself into editing it in black & white and fund myself surprised with the result. Simple shot, strong subject and the magic of B&W. How could I missed this for so many… Read more →

Editing process I

I started photography doing a lot of editing in Photoshop and HDR with questionably results. Then I met an excellent photographer in Montreal that made me go back to basics and try get everything right on the camera. That work wonders on my skills. And after that phase I returned to editing in Photoshop with a different attitude. I started… Read more →

Cruise’s reflection

Halifax, Nova Scotia, being the main port in Atlantic Canada we receive many cruise ships visit during summer. Where they dock is very accessible and close to the city downtown buildings. So close that I was able to capture this reflection. Read more →

Summer blues

I love sunsets and when this one happened I thought I missed the best light. But I shot a few pictures. There was something magical with the fading light hitting the lighthouse. I attempted to recreate the mood with a coll treatment of the shot. Read more →

Get dramatic skies without HDR

I used HDR a lot in the past and loved it. But as time passed by and I learned more about photography my taste also changed. So I stopped using HDR. But I always liked the dramatic skies that HDR creates. I recently learned a nice simple technique to achieve the same without having to shot bracketed and create HDR… Read more →

Nature is a stand-up comediant

A macro shot of a small flower. I used my 24-70 mm with extension tubes. They don;t have the electrical connections so the camera defaults to a max. aperture and focus is manual. I find it easier to move back and forth to focus. DoF is razor thin!   Read more →

Green Lips

A close-up shot of a leaf in my backyard. Used my Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8L that has a magnification of 0.5x. Some vendors call this a macro lens. I don’t think so 😉 I always use DPP to convert from RAW and sometimes, like on this one, I transfer the file to Photoshop to do some extra editing. here I… Read more →

Photo collection: little treasures

I have to confess I’m a self controlled sentimental hoarder. In other words, I like to collect things that ties me to a place or a time from my past. Mostly these are small items with little or no value but they mean something to me. From a clay church figure I bought in a tiny villa in Peruvian Andes to a… Read more →

Photo collection: Sides B

Sides B refers to the “other” side of a 45 rpm single. A second citizen status song… Here is a sample of photos I took and worked on but that never made the “publish ready” status. I think of these as the B side of those 45 rpm singles. And hence they deserve being published as those “B sides”.   Read more →


This shot shows a huge blackboard where people would write where they where coming from. It was places outside Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Pier 21 was the main port of entrance for immigrants to Canada in 19th and 20th centuries. Read more →

Echoes of a Proud Nation

After many years in Canada I had the privilege to assist to a Pow Wow in Kanawake reserve, south of Montreal. It was an amazing experience. And although I didn’t have the proper lens I managed to capture some shots worth sharing. Read more →

A day at the races

I had the opportunity to spend a day in a motocross race event. It had been raining a lot the days before and on race day it was cloudy and with sporadic showers. The result, a sticky, muddy track. Which I had to walk around and cross so very soon I ended with an added 2~3 kilograms on my feet… Read more →

Chlorophyll Heart

  I feel like I’m repeating myself saying this, I did not use Photoshop or any other post processing tool. I made this shot hanging a leaf from a stick. Place a yellow paper as background. I place the set up close to a window during a sunny day. I cover the window so the background paper had all the… Read more →

Rocket 76′

It took me 8 years to finally visit this piece of architecture art that’s Montreal Olympic Stadium. It was a night shooting walk organized by my current photo group PTS. As usual, shot in Raw with all settings done in the camera. I only did a minor crop and contrast adjust in Canon DPP. Read more →


An attempt to capture dramatic light. The subject was a porcelain “A”. Played with angle and a flash light. But had to increase contrast and crop a bit in Canon DPP. Read more →


Outside the Metro I was waiting to being picked up to go to a photo shoot outing. It was early morning and the sky was overcast. But as I was standing in the sidewalk the sun appeared and the sky turned blue. Behind me there was this building now receiving the blast of light. I saw this with lot of… Read more →

Turn the camera!

Here’s one simple suggestion I received some time ago: turn the camera! I was stuck when it came to composition and this simple action opened a new filed of opportunities. Here’s an example where I tilted the camera sideways to make the lines stronger and get a more interesting visual impact. Simple, uh? 😉   Read more →

Live on a mobile

If you look at it you will notice the photo is not perfect. Blurred, and with blown out withes and noisy blacks. However it does capture a moment during Gorillaz 2011 tour brilliantly (if I might say so). This is to show that sometimes a low quality mobile camera can achieve great results. If you wonder this was shot on a SonyEricsson… Read more →