Do it in the camera!

I recently met a group of photographers who work developing their skills with the whole purpose to make it right in the camera. That’s it, no Photoshop, no post editing. What a shock!

I must admit I’m the first one to praise the beauty of post editing. And pay the price of many hours of work pursuing perfection. But what if all of that is useless wasted time? What about if all my visions can be actually achieved In the camera? I must admit I never thought about this, but one short session with a local photographer showed me there’s an alternative way to achieve that elusive shot. And this new method will save hours of frustration.

It starts by acknowledging that not every scene is good for a photo. And that we shall learn to walk away when that happens. There will be better opportunities and situations to take That shot!.

Then it gets a bit more technical. It starts by teaching us to go against what we have learnt, like the basic “shoot to the right”. That’s the first revelation I got: I should shoot to the left! Precisely 1 stop down. Look for the highlights and make sure no more than 5% of the shot is overblown. It turns out that if you shoot as your camera says is right, or to the “right” you’ll have significant parts of the picture with overblown highlights. The answer?  stop down!

The rest is about composition. Get close, never use pairs, look for triangles, etc. But this is a topic for a future post. Meanwhile enjoy this photo taken directly from the camera.


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