Rawtherapy: A powerful RAW image processing tool

I’m on the road again and with restricted ability to install my usual tools in the laptop I’m carrying. The options? In my experience, only one.

RAW Therapy

First of all it’s free. Second, you can get it as portable app and run it without need to install.

It has an amazing set of tools that makes it a reasonably replacement for Adobe Lightroom or DxO. It has all the usual tools, a very good noise reduction, perspective adjustment, color correction, etc. See all features in their page.

Since it’s free I strongly advice you to try it and see if it meet your needs. It certainly does mine when I’m away from my computers.

It’s not all rosy with Rawtherapy. No. I don’t like the crop tool because you can’t drag the cropped section, only move the borders. It has the same defect as Adobe Lightroom and DxO, it does not recognize Canon Styles. I used them extensively in my camera and I would love all SW to keep the adjustments from the camera.

On the positive side it has a pseudo-hdr tool that helps a lot with high contrast sots. Just be gentle with it as with all HDR tools 😉

Here are some pictures I took in this trip to Uruguay, all converted to jpg using Rawtherapy.