Starting a new blog

It’s mid December and I’m finding myself doing some data mining on G+. This is the result of a new quest put forward by +Levi Moore and +Jeff Smith in their endless creation of  photography’s challenge.

And this is great. It actually got me thinking about it and I immediately saw it as the best kick off for my rebuilt Blog site. For some time I was looking on how to best use my web site,  so out all photos and in … in… what? And this was my struggle. What should I put?

The need to publish my photos is best taken care by G+ and also by 500px. Having only pictures in seemed like a repetition. And one that required lost of maintenance. I’m not the best in writing so I decided from the start to stick on technical aspect of what I do, learned and use. I’m 120% technical by profession so that should be easier to do.

But about what?

With excellent timing in came Levi and Jeff announcing “Top Photos of 2011”. Say no more, I have a start!