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The day I got a contest mention and how it all begun

Some time ago when I was starting on G+ I enter in various online activities. Back then there were several initiatives to promote sharing and discovering of skillful photo  artist. I participated in quite a few and got my 5 minutes of honorable mention on this one: John Batdroff  organized a B&W contest back in 2011, I submitted this picture and got… Read more →

Live on a mobile

If you look at it you will notice the photo is not perfect. Blurred, and with blown out withes and noisy blacks. However it does capture a moment during Gorillaz 2011 tour brilliantly (if I might say so). This is to show that sometimes a low quality mobile camera can achieve great results. If you wonder this was shot on a SonyEricsson… Read more →

My HDR Resources

If you’ve been following me in G+ you must know that I’ve been guilty of using HDR once or twice 😉 My big leap on HDR photography was only possible after going through some of the best resources you can get on the web. This is by no mean a complete list of HDR resources but it is what I… Read more →

Photo Editing Workflow for HDR

One of the things that make me want to do post production of my photos is that no camera or lens is able to capture what I shot exactly “as I saw it”. There’s always a mist veil and colors are not exactly what they were. I do not know what exactly is what happens in my brain, but when… Read more →

Selecting your best photos

In the course of selecting my top 10 photos of 2011 I faced the challenge of selecting my finalists from a considerable number of candidates. Or, how do I trim down to 10 photos? When +Levi Moore brought up the topic I read a few replies written out of despair, surrender and apprehension. Yes, we all seem to share some… Read more →


Top Photos of 2011, The List

It’s that time of the year, when we look back and think about what we did, what we could have done and start thinking on those new year resolutions we will never fulfill 🙂 Usually I do not get into this mood until almost new year’s day. Except this time my G+ friends +Levi Moore and +Jeff Smith made me start… Read more →

Top Photos of 2011, The Method

My 10 best photos of 2011 (according to G+). A list for +Jeff Smith and +Levi Moore “Top Photos of 2011” project. One of the first challenges of a project like this is how to select the photos. I can choose them myself; I could let G+ decide or do both. I’m too vain to not include my own selection but I… Read more →

Starting a new blog

It’s mid December and I’m finding myself doing some data mining on G+. This is the result of a new quest put forward by +Levi Moore and +Jeff Smith in their endless creation of  photography’s challenge. And this is great. It actually got me thinking about it and I immediately saw it as the best kick off for my rebuilt… Read more →