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This shot shows a huge blackboard where people would write where they where coming from. It was places outside Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Pier 21 was the main port of entrance for immigrants to Canada in 19th and 20th centuries. Read more →

Echoes of a Proud Nation

After many years in Canada I had the privilege to assist to a Pow Wow in Kanawake reserve, south of Montreal. It was an amazing experience. And although I didn’t have the proper lens I managed to capture some shots worth sharing. Read more →

7 things I learned on my 1st year in a photography group

In August 2012 I had the enormous luck of finding a photo group that changed my photography skills 180 degrees. Through another Meetup photo group I meet PTS and the person that has the humility of sharing all his knowledge with whoever wants to learn and improve his/her photography skills. On the very first meeting, on a hot and humid day… Read more →

A day at the races

I had the opportunity to spend a day in a motocross race event. It had been raining a lot the days before and on race day it was cloudy and with sporadic showers. The result, a sticky, muddy track. Which I had to walk around and cross so very soon I ended with an added 2~3 kilograms on my feet… Read more →

Chlorophyll Heart

  I feel like I’m repeating myself saying this, I did not use Photoshop or any other post processing tool. I made this shot hanging a leaf from a stick. Place a yellow paper as background. I place the set up close to a window during a sunny day. I cover the window so the background paper had all the… Read more →

Rocket 76′

It took me 8 years to finally visit this piece of architecture art that’s Montreal Olympic Stadium. It was a night shooting walk organized by my current photo group PTS. As usual, shot in Raw with all settings done in the camera. I only did a minor crop and contrast adjust in Canon DPP. Read more →