Tag: 2016

Extension tubes: Macro on a budget

If you want to experiment into the macro photography world the best cost efficient option is to use extension tubes. These are exactly what their name says, an extension tube we place between the camera body and the lens. This has the effect of moving the lens further away from the sensor increasing the magnification of the lens. The larger… Read more →

Summer’s almost gone

This photo was taken by Lucia Guynot de Boismenu, my daughter. She “borrowed” my camera and started taking pictures from our living room. When I saw the photo I immediately liked the mood of the afternoon light and the view of the chair on the front deck. It spelled “summer!”. I did the post processing in Photoshop using DxO film… Read more →

Waiting for the hammer to fall

Sometimes a fine photo comes from a moment of inspiration and using what you have around. I took this one on my basement workshop while playing with my camera. I put my best macro lens, a mere close up, and picked up a tool with some character. Placed a black cardboard as background and use the available light diffusing it… Read more →

Winter Is coming

Technically it was still summer but I couldn’t resist seeing this dry leaf on top of the garden table as a sign of what is coming. And I also do love water drops, or small poodles 🙂 The pattern you see is printed in the back of the glass. I used my 24-70 on a tripod while I was holding… Read more →

The science behind ETTR (expose to the right)

During my recent article about noise in digital photography I briefly mentioned the technique known as Expose To The Right, or ETTR. This technique is used to reduce the amount of noise in the photo by overexposing the shot without clipping the highlights. When you apply this method the histogram curve will be shifted to the right, hence the reference… Read more →

Editing process I

I started photography doing a lot of editing in Photoshop and HDR with questionably results. Then I met an excellent photographer in Montreal that made me go back to basics and try get everything right on the camera. That work wonders on my skills. And after that phase I returned to editing in Photoshop with a different attitude. I started… Read more →

Doodling on small pieces of paper

I do not consider my self good at drawing or painting, not at all. But sometimes when I start doodling I end up with some drawings I actually like. Not strictly photo related but within the realm of art, here are some of my alien friends: The sleek one I made it on my Samsung Note 4 which has an… Read more →