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Waiting for the hammer to fall

Sometimes a fine photo comes from a moment of inspiration and using what you have around. I took this one on my basement workshop while playing with my camera. I put my best macro lens, a mere close up, and picked up a tool with some character. Placed a black cardboard as background and use the available light diffusing it… Read more →

Winter Is coming

Technically it was still summer but I couldn’t resist seeing this dry leaf on top of the garden table as a sign of what is coming. And I also do love water drops, or small poodles 🙂 The pattern you see is printed in the back of the glass. I used my 24-70 on a tripod while I was holding… Read more →

Green Lips

A close-up shot of a leaf in my backyard. Used my Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8L that has a magnification of 0.5x. Some vendors call this a macro lens. I don’t think so 😉 I always use DPP to convert from RAW and sometimes, like on this one, I transfer the file to Photoshop to do some extra editing. here I… Read more →