4 options to have a portfolio online

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[tabs] [tabs_nav] [tabs_nav_item active=”active” id=”intro”]Intro[/tabs_nav_item] [tabs_nav_item id=”500px”]500px[/tabs_nav_item] [tabs_nav_item id=”second”]Behance[/tabs_nav_item] [tabs_nav_item id=”third”]G+[/tabs_nav_item] [tabs_nav_item id=”Conclusion”]Conclusion[/tabs_nav_item] [/tabs_nav] [tabs_content] [tabs_content_item active=”active” id=”intro”] Introduction Five years ago, when I picked up photography, options to publish your work online were very limited. We had Flikr but if you wanted to differentiate the best way¬†was to have your own web site. And […]